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Medicor’s Playground

I have a new start page, hosted on my Radxa Rock server, that shows some apps I’m working on (or have been working on lately).

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API calls to Stratum

Stratum is a platform for healthcare quality registers. Its aggregate api can be used for all kinds of descriptive statistics, for example:

Share of registrations in the Swedish Respiratory Register where patients have a BMI under 22 , split by county and gender:


Number of registrations in the Swedish Fracture Register, split by place of and activity during injury:


Metadata from primary operation form of Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register:


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I still consider programming my main interest, although after a 30 year streak, euphoria comes and goes. Polymer and Web components has made the scene a lot more fun lately. Paper Elements, being Google’s reference implementation of their beautiful Material Design, is the other half of my two-folded interest in Polymer. Using Firebase as backend and hosting service makes all this my stack of choice.

Making sounds with Ableton Live is something I have done from time to time during the past 10 years or so. The world of VSTs never stops to amaze me. Synths like Serum, Spire and Diversion, to name a few, are an endless source of timbral inspiration. I have to admit that I rarely get passed making sequences — always seem to get stuck in the sonic swamp. Hopefully I will someday post something on my Soundcloud that isn’t private.

Trading with technical analysis as a foundation is fun and (sometimes) profitable. I started out about three years before the dotcom bubble collapsed and have, despite that, continued since. Back then, Metastock was the tool for us amateurs, today I use the excellent Tradingview and are also having fun with the crowd-sourced Estimize. Nowadays I mostly trade bull certificates on US and Chinese tech companies.